Nicole Limbu – Group Brand Manager, Donaldson Group

August 5, 2022

I joined Donaldson Group as a Digital Marketing Executive in September 2020 but have recently been promoted to Brand Manager, so my role has progressed a lot in just a couple of years.

When I first started, I worked on specific brands (which included Buzz Home Office and Timber Cut4U, as well as helping other members of the team with their own projects) and my role was quite focussed on key metrics reporting – from sales to analytics. Now my role is to manage the Group brand and James Donaldson Timber (JDT), and is much more focussed on messaging, building the brand and brand communications, so it’s a lot more creative and varied! I’ve been involved in everything from producing our in-house magazine, Woody, to our recent Group rebrand.

Launching the Donaldson Group rebrand is my biggest achievement to date here – and the biggest challenge so far. It was a massive undertaking as it was a six-month long project, and I didn’t have much project management experience when I started on it (that definitely changed!). It was an amazing feeling to have played a part in getting the project over the line, seeing the results and how we now get to take it forward.

Working here has been interesting since day one. In my initial role I was involved in the launch of Buzz Home Office which was a great introduction and it was really interesting because it included three different businesses within the Group, meaning I had the opportunity to work with lots of different people. I also worked on Timber Cut4U which was much more technical, and sales focussed, which helped me learn a lot about the industry overall.

I have a degree in Business Management from Heriot Watt, so whilst I have a good understanding of how business works in general terms, the timber industry wasn’t something I really knew much about when I started.

There’s no such thing as a ‘typical day’ here – my role covers everything from activating Group-wide emails, teaming up with HR to work on colleague comms projects, working on social media to planning at a strategic level. I manage internal and external communications at Group level – the internal comms element of the role is colleague and culture focused and our One Donaldson Family culture is really important to us! There’s also a lot of project management work where I do a lot of project planning and co-ordination.

Being more involved in project management is one of the ways my role has evolved since I joined. I’ve only been here a couple of years and I’ve already had the chance to lead projects and take on more responsibilities which has helped expand my knowledge and skillset.

A highlight for me was putting together my first edition of Woody – our annual in-house magazine – with my team. This project really helped me develop my project management skills as I was responsible for managing the process, from content planning, collating content, writing copy, and working with a third-party design agency and supplier. The timescales were really tight as there were a lot of internal changes happening in parallel during production, but we did it!

As part of the Group’s five-year strategy, we’ve been able to set our career pathways. It’s a really good benchmark for seeing my potential line of progression and it’s encouraging to see how far I have come, knowing that we are always being supported and encouraged to take the next step in our development, as opposed to being in the same role for a long time.

One of the things I love most about working for Donaldson Group has to be the team! Especially now that our team is growing, there are more of us which is a really exciting time and means we are always learning and developing together.

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