Rebecca Allan – Offsite Brand Manager, Donaldson Group

August 5, 2022

When I first joined Donaldson Group as a Digital Marketing Executive, I thought I’d mostly be doing social media activity. Fast forward four years and social media is only a small part of what I do!

The offsite portfolio I currently manage is made up of several different brands and I work on Donaldson Timber Systems (DTS), Donaldson Direct (DD), Donaldson Timber Engineering (DTE) and Rowan Manufacturing. There is a lot of variety as each brand has a different offering, focus and target audience. This keeps things interesting and means that I get to be involved with a lot more than I expected to when I joined. I’ve been able to work across so many brands – which you just wouldn’t get from a one-brand business.

During my time here I have gained great tactical experience and now I’m building on my commercial and strategic experience, so I’m getting real exposure to the full marketing function/mix.

No two days are ever the same in my role! My days can range from annual planning, monitoring project progress and activating campaigns to internal marketing meetings, presenting strategies or budgets, carrying out CMS changes, creating digital content, drafting press releases and working closely with third party agencies.

We are also able to get out and about which I love. This can range from organising and attending trade show events and attending awards dinners to external meetings or site visits with agencies, suppliers and customers – where I have ended up climbing up scaffolding to get onto a customer’s roof!

With the variety of brands that I work on comes a variety of people. I get to work closely with lots of different stakeholders and teams, internally and externally, who all have their own character and culture. This includes people at all levels, so it’s not unusual for me to go from a meeting with one fo our Managing Directors to a briefing with a member of our IT team.

My biggest – and proudest – achievement (so far!) is working on the launch of Donaldson Direct. I was involved from the initial concept through to branding, positioning, overall project and website planning to brand launch and actually seeing sales come in. I feel like it’s my baby! One of the reasons I feel so invested is because it was the first time I’d been involved in a project like this from start to finish.

The chance to take ownership is one of the things I love most about working here, it’s been great for my career development and confidence. I’ll be honest, when I started, I felt pretty clueless, and I only expected to be here for a couple of years. But now I feel confident that I know how to do my job and I can see my career pathway opening up which gives me something to work towards.

There’s a direct line of progression, loads of opportunities and no ceiling. I’ve had lots of great training and support, including completing my Digital Diploma earlier this year. There’s also been on-the-job support and coaching every step of the way. I’m genuinely proud to tell people where I work and what I do.

I feel valued – and that I add value to the business. I have built great relationships with people across our business and  can see the results of what I do and how it impacts on the success of the business.

It’s a great team, everyone’s supportive and there for each other. You’ll hear us talk about the Donaldson Family, it’s more than the family of businesses within the Group, it’s the feeling of a real family we all have here. I really feel I’m part of it.

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