Victoria Freer – Retail & Distribution Brand Manager, Donaldson Group

August 5, 2022

Having joined Donaldson Group three months ago, I’m still very much the newbie but I already feel right at home here.

My route into this role is a little unusual in that I didn’t go to university, and I gained all of my marketing experience and qualifications on the job. After started my working life as a professional groom (I still have horses and ride a lot in my spare time) which I enjoyed for several years. Following a freak accident, I ended up transitioning to office-based work and temping for a six-week period with Tayto Group as a Marketing Assistant. It was there that I discovered a real passion for marketing. After my initial placement, Tayto Group offered me a permanent contract and put me through my CIM Certificate and during my term I progressed to Marketing Exec. I have since enjoyed marketing within FMCG, agriculture and retail industries, as well as starting and managing my own ecommerce business, before joining Donaldson Group as a Brand Manager.

I manage a number of brands including Perform Panel, MGM Timber, TimberCut4U and Plane & Simple – so my days are really varied! From creating artwork, producing email campaigns, social media engagement and reviewing SEO content to developing annual plans, organising in branch events and campaigns, and getting involved with creating video and other collateral such as brochures and flyers. The role is both analytical and creative, so I can be writing copy in the morning and analysing sales after lunch.

Although I’ve not been here long, there are already several things that I’m proud of having achieved since I joined. The biggest one was being involved with the latter stages of a successful new product launch, just two weeks into the job. I’m also proud of the fact that I’ve got up to speed with the brands so quickly, and that I’ve pushed myself out there and established good relationships with the teams already.

The support I’ve received since starting my role has been amazing – the wider team have been fantastic in helping me to find my feet and combat that pesky imposter syndrome! Now, just a few months in, I feel empowered to take on meatier challenges and bring so much value to the Group, and that’s been a real confidence boost.

That’s the thing about working here – it really is like one big family. During my interview I remember thinking “this is where I want to be” and that instinct was right – there’s such a warm and welcoming vibe here. Members of the team throughout the whole Group take the time to chat to you about how you are and your family, not just about work and your role within the business. I find that personal connection really inspiring and motivating – I’m really pleased to be a part of the Group and can’t wait to see where this journey will take me.

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