A family, a Group, a community

We are a family of pioneering timber experts. For 6 generations, we’ve been building for better futures. Today, our family includes a portfolio of diverse, exciting, specialist business in 47 sites right across the UK and over 1700 colleagues. Our customers are part of that family too, relying on us to be compatible, considerate and collaborative partners and working with them to create Positive Futures.

160+ years of looking forward

Our story starts in 1860. But it’s where we’re going that’s the really exciting part. All that history and heritage is only part of our story. We celebrate our past, but are always looking forward. Building for now and the next generation, in more ways than one. Explore our timeline to find out more about where we came from.


The company starts life

Everyone an expert in their field

Our eleven businesses and further six brands all operate independently, each leading the way in their own particular sectors. But they are all an integrated part of our tight knit Group. And that means not only can they share best practices, innovation, and market analysis with each other, but can offer customers a seamless, one stop experience for building components and integrated services to the construction industry.

Our values drive everything we do

Our values at work, that work in the real world

As a family business, we pride ourselves being grounded by a strong moral code. Everyone who works for us, in every part of the business, understands how important our values are. We live and breathe them every day. They shape our business.

People are at the heart of everything we do

Our People are all part of one big Donaldson family. And with over 1700 colleagues across the UK, that’s a big family. Many of them have been with us for over 30 years, so it really does feel like a family to us. We take great care and great pride in nurturing and empowering all of them. One of the reasons we have endured, why we haven’t just survived but thrived, is that we have always kept people at our core.