We want to be a catalyst for positive change in how people live and work. We want to change the future and the world around us too, by helping our industry to be more sustainable, more responsible and more progressive.

Building positive futures, together.

Like many organisations, we’ve put a great deal of development into a revitalised environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy, with ambitious goals to achieve. What we feel most strongly about, is that this must be more than a box-ticking exercise. So, we’re testing, monitoring and evaluating against our targets to make sure we’re on track to meet our goals whilst truly making a difference. We’re also looking at every part of our organisation so that, through our purpose, we continue to nurture and empower as we build positive futures at the Donaldson Group.

Our people are our future, so we work hard to build a positive, safe, and sustainable future for them. Making sure that the future is bright for our colleagues, community, partners and clients. It starts with shaping careers that shape lives and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to shine and progress. Itʼs about making sure that everyone we work with benefits from the relationship. And, above all else, itʼs about maintaining a workplace where people can thrive.


We take our responsibilities seriously, because we know that future generations are counting on us making the right decisions today. What we do now will define the future, not just of our business but of our community and planet. Itʼs not about short-term results, itʼs about a long-term commitment to sustainability.


Our range of timber products’ journey from the forest to site is fully traceable via chain of custody certification. As demand for timber-based products grows, weʼre perfectly equipped to deliver – our expertise and experience means that weʼre ready to help our customers and the industry achieve its net zero carbon goals with a range of quality products.


We know there is always opportunity to find ways to work better, smarter, and more sustainably. We donʼt just believe in doing things that are good for business, we believe in doing things that are good for everyone. From creating a safe, secure, and sustainable workplace to embracing new ideas and innovations that will help us make our mark without making an impact on the environment.

Building positive futures, together.