163 years of looking forward

Our story starts in 1860. After 163 years, we have a lot of stories to share with you. The 6th generation of Donaldsons now lead the Group and are caretakers of our unrivalled legacy. It’s been an eventful 160+ years and we’re still adding to our story, and always building for the future, and the next generation.

Explore our timeline to find out more about the Donaldson Group’s rich history and heritage.

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Key facts about the Donaldson Group






Family Business


sourced timber

Grounded in strong moral standards

Our values at work, that work in the real world

As a family business, we pride ourselves being grounded by a strong moral code. Everyone who works for us, in every part of the business, understands how important our values are. We live and breathe them every day. They shape our business.

Our Purpose

Our Group Purpose is ‘To nurture and empower, so that together we build Positive Futures now and for generations to come.’

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Where we operate

We operate throughout the UK. Explore our ‘Where we operate’ map to see all of our locations and find your nearest Donaldson Group business.

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James Donaldson Insulation delivery lorry showcasing the brand imagery on it's side
A Donaldson Timber System's employee checking truss plans before marking his wood product for manufacture
Our responsible approach to business

We have a responsibility to our People and the people we work with. We’re not just building our business for our People and partners now. Success for our Group is more than just sales, we want to do everything we can to support and empower future generations.

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Committed to a sustainable future

Sustainable to us means doing the right thing in the world we live in, but also in how we operate as a business. We have a plan in place as we continue working towards ensuring that 100% of our timber will be from sustainable sources, whilst also working towards our carbon neutral goal.

We are FSC and PEFC accredited and have a number of quality and sustainability processes and procedures in place to ensure we operate responsibly.

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Two James Donaldson Group employees discussing and leaning over a table