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Donaldson House Saltire Centre

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By harnessing the power of 3D technology, The Visual Selector can bring a vision to life. Our innovative and intuitive technology makes the planning of key rooms in any new build property easy, engaging and realistic ahead of construction. By giving the customer control to select, view and visualise all available options it gives you back the control to optimise sales, build strong relationships and manage expectations from onboarding and missives through to move in day.

With an easy and engaging tool, you can immerse every buyer in the process, supported with high quality visuals and virtual 3D walkthroughs wherever and whenever they have access to a device. It takes away the uncertainty of selecting elements in isolation. It enhances your offering. It’s designing together, reimagined.

What we do:

3D Design Service

High quality virtual 3D walkthroughs

Immersive experiences

Key facts about Donaldson Selector

Launched in 2022

Over 100 plots sold

Working with some of the UK’s most prestigious developers

An innovative new way to engage with your customers