Mark Murphy

Chief Risk Officer, James Donaldson Group Ltd

Mark started at Donaldson Group in 1986 as a management trainee. Throughout his three decades with the Group, Mark has taken on a variety of roles, including production assistant, quality assurance representative, stock manager and mill foreman. He then moved into systems management firstly as integrated systems manager, and then Head of Occupational Risk and Compliance Management.

Taking on the role of Chief Risk Officer in October 2022, he will continue to support the expansion of the Group into a more diverse product range and service offering through the ongoing delivery of a risk management strategy, as well as continue to identify and mitigate risks to make the business more resilient and more secure for stakeholders, and especially for colleagues.

Mark has an MSc in Quality Assurance and throughout his time with the Group, has led many advancements and improvements.

In his spare time, he enjoys walking his rottweiler dogs and he even runs a Facebook group for rottweilers. He also enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, and wood turning as well as holidays in the UK with friends who also own rottweiler dogs.